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Scoreboard Tv (Televisions) by EIM (Ei Media)

Scoreboard Tv (Televisions) by EIM (Ei Media)

Scoreboard Tv (Televisions) like the ones you see in the big footy stadiums aren’t really Tv’s at all, they are infact large LED Screens, like the ones EIM (Ei Media) provide!

Although they look like large televisions, their structure is entirely different, but is still possible to display crystal clear video output, if the right screens are used. At EIM (Ei Media) we ONLY use the right screens, ensuring you get the best picture quality for your needs!

Our LED Screens do function like large televisions showing a live video feed, or displaying a image slideshow, or pretty much whatever you desire, and our Screens are available for hire and sale for the use as large televisions or score board tvs or purely for advertising or marketing purposes at an event or promotion.

If your needs for a large scoreboard tv or television are temporary, such as an event or promotion, we have LED Screen hire services available, but if you are after a more permanent solution, we offer Led Screen installation and LED Screens for sale.

Here is an example of our large  television screens/scoreboard tv type screen:

Scoreboard TV (Televisions) by EIM (Ei Media)


We also offer other event services such as generator and mobile coolroom hire through Events Infrastructure

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