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EIM Screens and Billboards

EIM Screens and Billboards

EIM (Ei Media) Screens and Billboards provide amazing advertising potential for your business, whether it be small or large, we can accommodate your needs. If you only require advertising for an event or promotion, we have a wide variety of LED screens available for hire, ranging from 3.8 SMD, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm mesh and 16mm containerised screens, perfect for displaying event info or advertising for yourself or partners.

If you are looking more for a pure, raw-power advertising solution, consider booking a slot on the EIM massive digital billboard in mascot, at the entry to the sydney airport. Advertising on this EIM screen gives you massive exposure, and its statistically proven that people pay more attention to digital billboards and signs over traditional static print billboards and signs.

Our ads rotate in 8 second spots, giving the viewer long enough to soak in your ad and get the details, without it dragging on too long and fading their interest. EIM provides these LED Screens and the advertising on our billboard at incredibly fair prices to help boost your business without draining your budget too much!

If you are after a more permanent LED Screen solution, visit our sister company Events Infrastructure, who sell LED screens as well as mobile coolrooms and other event services

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