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EIM Live Media and Live Screens

EIM Live Media and Live Screens

EIM Live Media and Live Screens displaying your creatives (either made by yourself or our highly skilled design team) to thousands of people through several media outlets. Most notable being our Digital Billboard at the entry to the Sydney Airport. With EIM Live Media your brand, message or promotion could be displayed all day long* to thousands of people, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our EIM Live Screens provide a solution in this rapidly evolving world, where change is constant and people don;t have the time or attention spans to notice static imagery. Thats where our rotating Digital Billboard comes in to play, with Digital screens being proven to be much more effective than traditional static billboards. You can have multiple creatives that will rotate in your timeslot, evenly with the other creatives, allowing the viewers to notice them as fresh, new images each time, even if they had seen your previous one.

EIM Live Screens also include containerised mobile bar screens, which serve a double function at events and promotions, allowing you to display a menu, or ads, or your brand, or a live sporting match on the screens that sits above the mobile bar, grabbing and holding the attention of those in queue, and passers by alike.

EIM Live Media and Live Screens (Ei Media)


EIM (Ei Media) is a division of Price and Speed (Sydney Forklifts, Events Infrastructure, Igloo Shelters)