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The Airport is within close proximity to the Green Square Urban Growth Area. It is projected that there will be an increase to an additional 33,000 residents by 2021 with a further 28,000 workers in the zone. With this growth in population coupled with the increase in Airport users, the number of commuters will steadily increase with an estimation of 210,000 passenger trips each day by 2023/24.

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Population: 102,714

Age Demographics: Median Age 34

0 to 4 yrs 5.5%
5 to 19 yrs 14.2%
20 to 39 yrs 40.22%
40 to 59 yrs 24.17%
60 + yrs 15.97%


Occupation status

Clerical 16.47%
Professionals 27.01%
Technicians/Trades 11.77%
Managers 12.98%
Community Workers 10.29%
Sales 9.6%
Labourers 9.94%

10% Fully own their homes

9% Have mortgages

49.89% are either married or de-facto relationships

50.11% of the population single

Economy: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport; range of enterprises- small business to large international depots.

Signage Information:

The 30m2 O’Riordan Street Digital Billboard is strategically placed at one of the main gates to Sydney Kingsford Airport. This Billboard is part of EiMedia’s Digital Advertising Network.

Airport Passenger Statistics (per year):

35.6 million total passengers

11.3M International

2.1M Regional

22.2M Domestic

75,000 Airport personnel

206,000 in full and part time jobs which is 6% of Sydney’s workforce

Airport Workers earnings are 18% higher than NSW average.

Percentage distribution of Daily users (from 2010 data)

Airport User Weekday Weekend
Passengers 82154/day 75308/day
Meeters/Greeters* 17800/day 17115/day
Employees 14935/day 11791/day
*The number of meeters and greeters are a statistical estimation.

Modes of Transport to Airport

Taxi 25%
Train 11%
Minibus 10%
Bus 4%
Rental 5%
Car Drop Off 15%
Park Car 29%
Other 1%

As this data outlines, the majority of trips are road based and O’Riordan Street is one of the Key roads. (SACL’s Ground Transport Study).

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