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About Ei Media

EiM knows LED screens, digital advertising, and how to make them work to your advantage. Our digital signs are intelligently integrated into the surroundings whilst simultaneously visually enhancing the area and attracting the eye. Set yourself apart with EiM.

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As our digital signs’ content is controlled remotely, they do not require printing material, glue, paints, paper, or fixtures needed to maintain and replace conventional signs. All materials that go into an Ei Media sign are recyclable and sustainable. Our signs use LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology which is mercury free, long lasting, durable, and only produces 3.4BTUs/Hour. Also energy is not wasted as our signs adapt to ambient light and automatically adjust to the most efficient level.

As advertisements are digital they do not need physical updating. All our creative content can be changed remotely instead of manually. This is great for time sensitive messages. Not only do you get your message out there, you get it out there without the time, hassle, and expense of a conventional sign. This means you save money on printing costs, labour, and materials.

Your ads will be on busy roads in commuters’ line of sight. If your potential customers are in a vehicle, on the road, they will see your ads. Where radio and TV ad can be turned off, internet ads can be ignored, and mail ads can be thrown out, our digital ads will get your message across.

Because our digital signs are so adaptable you can even program them to target specific demographics based on the time of day they would appear. This helps you to efficiently attract your customers without the expense of conventional billboards or the intrusiveness of internet and mail ads.

Unlike conventional billboards which are static and only allow one creative, EiM’s digital billboards allow you to have multiple ads on the same billboards. This enables you to utilize the same effective location for multiple advertisements. You can even make a countdown to an event or advertise multiple products.

With the ability to change ads remotely you are able to change ineffective ads to ones that get results. This would be a logistical and financial nightmare with conventional signs.

Over 90% more people notice digital billboards compared to conventional. This is because the human brain is designed to process constantly moving and changing stimuli. This means it is more aware and responsive to changing images, preferring to ignore those that do not alter.

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